A chat with Hortense from @la_frenchette

Meet Hortense Vene, the Cordon-Bleu-trained culinary mastermind behind @la_frenchette. Hortense has had us drooling over her creations since the beginning of lockdown – below she let us in on some of her routines and rituals. 

What’s a new habit you started during quarantine?

Pilates online classes and making my own sourdough bread

A new habit you wish you *hadn’t* started in quarantine?

Staying in my pyjamas all day …

Salty or sweet?

Salty forever. Bread with salted butter and salmon roes being my favourite snack of all times.

Go-to dish when you can’t be bothered to cook?

Avocado toast for lunch and ketchup and parmesan pasta for dinner.


Go-to dish when you have hours to kill?

I am a chef, so I always have hours to kill in the kitchen 😊. These days I am really into pithivier and puff pastry. Trying different combinations of meat and veg. Always served with a delicious sauce.

Favourite series to binge watch?

I looooved The Amazing Mrs Maisel, on Amazon prime. OMG her outfits !

Last book you read?

A French novel on Chef Auguste Escoffier’s life. Fascinating!

3 items you ALWAYS have in your fridge

Very good quality salted butter, homemade red onion pickles and parmesan.

3 items you ALWAYS have in your pantry

Tahini, pine nuts & chili flakes

Secret weapon against hangovers

Jump in the sea! If there’s no water around: litres of diet coke.

If you were a condiment, what would you be?

Mango chutney: sweet & spicy

Life Motto

Follow your dreams

What helps when you feel homesick?

Facetime with my sisters, cook my mum’s recipes and watch French movies.

Do you have any lucky items / talismans?

My mother gave me a gold Greek necklace which I love to think protects me. All the women in my family have it.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Be a superfeeder (just came up with that word!). Bring comforting homemade food to every starving person in the world.


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