Cosmic Molecule


A small team with a big passion for mindful nutrition, the makers of Cosmic Molecule™believe that everything we put into our body should be in the purest, most natural form.


Their natural nutrition products are designed to provide you with the most convenient form to fuel the body and mind, restore your health, recharge your batteries and amp up your immunity, where every atom of your inner being beams with happiness.

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Crave® has a unique and high-quality product offering, aimed at satisfying the increasing global trend towards healthy living. Crave Natural Energy is a precise balance of natural, functional ingredients, expertly blended to help health-conscious consumers stay sharp and energised while supporting their immune system.

Crave’s founder Anita Rae wanted to combine her passion for health and nightlife by introducing innovative cocktail-inspired flavours combined with a mix of B and C vitamins, green coffee beans and amino acids to deliver a totally new taste experience. Being both healthy and energised should be a fun combination, not a boring compromise!

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Erbology is a thought-leader in plant-based nutrition, taking powerful plants and making them accessible everyday in delicious foods and drinks. Inspired by childhood summers spent playing in milk thistle fields and climbing black cherry trees, sibling founders Irina and Victor Turcan are passionate about bringing their idea of healthy living to the shelves.

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Flex Keto


After several years of observing from afar and embarking on our own ketogenic journey, the founders of FLEX KETO decided to launch their eponymous line of keto porridge - advocating a practical, sustainable approach to a ketogenic/ low carb lifestyle - prioritising whole foods and never compromising on taste. It's their mission to create products that are nutritionally dense, good for our health and most importantly DELICIOUS.


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Han Chiga


Han-Chiga is a start-up specialising in sustainably crafted, sophisticated, yet unpretentious natural products that restore the balance within the body | mind.

For the past three years they have been operating their own saffron farm in Bulgaria, where they collaborate with and support the local farmer community to grow their very own saffron. Inspired by the growing evidence, from numerous publicly available clinical trials, of saffron’s health benefits, they set out to develop a unique collection of all-natural saffron tea blends. Each blend has been designed with a specific goal in mind, and comprises a combination of saffron, potent adaptogens, Ayurvedic herbs and other unique natural ingredients.

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Happy Dose

The DOSE in Happy Dose stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins. Happy Dose was born out of necessity, when founder Hurriyah Butt found herself under immense physical and emotional strain after 10 years in the corporate world in London, New York, and Paris. Constantly relying on sugar and caffeine to keep going, she searched tirelessly for an alternative somewhere in between. Happy Dose fills that gap, providing a unique mixture of floral botanicals, vitamins, and adaptogens.

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JENKI comes from the Japanese word Genki, originally referring to the primal energy that makes up all things, but today is used as a common greeting. We’re all about making this ritualistic energy a little more digestible and getting this new kinda energy out there.


Founded in November 2019 by Claudia, Otto and Piers, JENKI was introduced to the streets of London to bring you the best tasting matcha. Whipping up lattes, shakes and shots across London before landing JENKI’s first pop-up location in Old Street in February. Having launched JENKI’s online store in March, they’re now on the hunt for their first JENKI BAR.

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Jin Jin


Founded 2019, JIN JIN is the brainchild of founder Sohn Supradya Aursudkij. The idea evolved after she discovered this miraculous fermented superdrink, which has greatly benefited both herself and her partner who suffered physically and emotionally from a busy way of life.


JIN JIN is a brand new category of drinks, ‘Natural Enzyme Cordial’ which helps people maintain good gut health. Drink simply mix with spring or sparkling water: a delicious alternative to any artificial and sugary beverage.


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JUNO comes from Japanese kanji “jun” which means “pure, clean, simple”. The idea of Juno Bamboo Water originated while its founder, Guillaume Poncet, lived in Asia, where bamboo has a long history of application in Traditional Medicine to heal the body. Rich in natural antioxidants and bioactive minerals, bamboo leaf extract helps to stimulate natural collagen production in the body, detoxify, and boost immunity.

Juno Bamboo Water is the first brand in Europe to blend aromatic bamboo leaf extract into a refreshing drink, balancing the delicate flavour of infused bamboo leaves with a hint of yuzu to bring a citrusy taste to our lightly sparkling drink.

Plant-based, sugar-free, and low in calorie (~8 cal). A mindful drink, made in the UK.

Kiki Health


It’s vital to support our bodies – especially in an age when we’re time-poor, over-worked and under-rested – which is why KIKI Health’s range of 100% raw, high quality plant-based nutritional supplements are an essential addition to any daily ritual. Packed with potent, energy-, immunity- and beauty-boosting extracts, minerals and probiotics, this comprehensive collection of gluten-, dairy- and wheat-free tonics, powders, oils and capsules is the secret to becoming the best ‘you’ that you can be.

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Life Armour


Life Armour® was born out of a passion for everyone to live a life full of positivity, health and endless possibilities, and a belief that none of us are immune to the pressures of modern life. The life armour® team works closely with a leading experts and medical herbalists on their mission to simplify supplements. Their award-winning drops and capsules use only natural, active ingredients - and no fillers or additives.

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London Nootropics


London Nootropics launched in January 2020 by co-founders Zain and Shez, who have been developing their blends for over 2 years. Their vision is to make functional plants, mushrooms and other natural nootropics easily accessible, convenient and delicious, allowing more people to benefit from their cognitive enhancing properties in their daily lives.
Find your flow with London Nootropics.

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Miss Tea Smith


Born in Sri Lanka, Miss Tea Smith's founder Uma calls London home. While forging a rewarding career in financial services, the dream of owning and cultivating her own Tea House stayed with her, and grew from a dream to a goal. In 2014, she retrained as a pastry chef at Le Corden Bleu. Using this newfound training, she started baking and selling free-from and vegan cakes and patisserie in east London farmers markets, and soon concocting her own Ceylon blends, using endless spices and flora.

Uma sources teas from all over Sri Lanka – from the cool mountains to the hot and abundant plains. The terroir of these different regions naturally leads itself to blending teas with subtle and fuller flavours.

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Naked Biotics


Naked Biotics is a blend of live, fermented bacteria, brewed specially with botanicals including Rose Hip to help maintain the normal function of the gut, so you can feel good and glow from the inside out.

Unlike regular freeze-dried tablets, Naked Biotics exist in live liquid form; each bottle contains 12 strains and three species of bacteria that are able to reach your digestive system alive. We add specially selected herbs too, so every single dose is bursting with goodness.

After fermenting at body temperature for 21 days using their NBTP (naked body temperature process), the bacteria in Naked Biotics are strong, adaptable and ready to restore natural harmony. Naked Biotics is vegan, natural and raw. Naked Biotic’s mission is to help you listen to your body and reconnect with nature, because they believe life in its raw form is powerful.

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Natalia Botanicals


Natalia Botanicals was born out of founder Natalia’s own personal health struggles, in addition to her deep passion for plant medicine and helping others feel their best. Natalia’s eponymous line of elixirs can be added to teas, smoothies, breakfasts, or baked goods to instill a sense of Ayurvedic balance - whether you’re looking to improve your mood and sleep, or your hair and nails. Natalia is a firm believer in the power of adaptogenic herbs, roots, and mushrooms to manage and improve physical, mental, and emotional health. The elixirs are 100% natural and organic powdered formulas for most requested remedies, created with the intention to elevate your daily rituals.



Life is better with chocolate in it—but chocolate is better with less stuff in it. Kyoot believes the best ingredients don’t need much to taste delicious, so their minimalist ingredient list gives sustainably harvested Peruvian cacao the spotlight (with a sweet assist from coconut sugar and a few other all-natural ingredients). Each dreamy, creamy, chocolatey bar is vegan, gluten-free, and organic, with no refined sugars, no fake sweeteners, no emulsifiers, no palm oil, and no GMOs. In other words, it’s a chocolate bar that you’ll feel good about eating on every level.

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Nutcessity make sumptuous organic ‘treenut’ butters by stone-grinding nuts, seeds, coconut, fruit & salt. Their range of 5 nut spreads are peanut-free (lab checked) and packed in plastic-free certified packaging.

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Nutristrength is the brainchild of brothers Adam and Chris, a result of their search for cleaner, more authentic lifestyle nutrition. Working only with farmers they trust and high-quality ingredients, they use real ingredients to create natural nutrition products that are free of sugars, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavours.

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Pasta Plants


PASTA PLANT has transformed one of the most iconic foods into a healthy creation. Using only organic ingredients (seeds, flowers, roots and plants) we engineered a pasta that speeds up recovery, encourages muscle growth and provides the body with essential nutrients. This is truly a pasta for all: it’s gluten-free, low in carbs, vegan-friendly and soy-free.

And last but not least, unlike the majority of integrators, Pasta Plant cooks well and tastes great, just as you’d expect from traditional pasta.

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Pep and Lekker


The team at Pep & Lekker believes that snacking is good for you, provided you snack on the right foods. They have lightly baked 14 all natural ingredients to create a premium snack with a focus on nutrition as well as taste. Their seed snacks are high in protein and fibre (with 12% chicory root fibre to support gut health) and low in sugar and carbs. They are gluten free and all ingredients are free of top 14 allergens.

They are also mindful of the environment: they do not use any palm oil and their snacks are sold in fully recyclable bags. Enjoy Pep & Lekker seed snacks on their own, added to soups or salads, or with dips or spreads.

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Qsilica is a family-owned and founded Australian company producing science-based products rooted in the belief that the best solutions for wellness come from nature itself. Their star ingredient is mineral silica: a nutrient occurring naturally in quartz crystal. Its strengthening, rejuvenating and health-giving properties make it an essential ingredient for beautiful hair, skin and nails. Forming the base ingredient for the full Qsilica range, the premium and pure colloidal mineral silica assists with connective tissue health, supports skin, hair and nail health as well as supporting collagen formation.

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Raw Gorilla


Raw Gorilla believes in unprocessed, unrefined nutrition - the way nature intended. The founder’s aim was to transform sugary snacks and cereals into raw nutritional powerhouses, harnessing the inherently delicious ingredient found in nature. All products are 100% organic and vegan, raw and unprocessed. 

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After more than 20 years researching, the founders of LupinFood were astonished to discover that lupin is the world’s highest source of plant-based protein and dietary fibre, contains virtually no carbs, has a low glycaemic index and three times as much iron as kale. They harnessed the powers of this nutritional powerhouse in the form of their Revolupin flakes, which take only three minutes to cook and can be tastily incorporated into hundreds of recipes - both savoury and sweet.

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Stacks Of Goodness

Stacks of Goodness

Stacks of Goodness have been making gluten-free pancakes for many years (under their Sweetpea Pantry brand) and thought it was time they upped the game when it comes to the humble pancake.

For the Pancake stackers, the Breakfast lovers, the Super healthy, the Manically busy, the Crazy hungry, the Free-from fanatics, the Cooking challenged, and the Foodie feasters. This is Breakfast, done by you (with a little help)

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It all started in 2017 when Steeps founder, Jamie, stumbled upon a recipe which originated in the 70’s. This recipe was created by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, who coined the phrase “Fire Cider”. Jamie started out by trying the recipe and making it in his garage, as he was fascinated by all of these great natural ingredients combined into one easy to take drink. It seemed a no brainer.

Jamie produces and bottle Steeps One Shot in small, controlled batches in London. This recipe is the ultimate solution to keep the immune system fully charged, and best of all, it really works!



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Strp’d sells 100% plant-based products stripped of all nasties and allergens! Their mission is to empower and enable anyone and everyone to eat delicious and nutritious food, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

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Eight Tthirty


The Eight Thirty is here to ban bland breakfasts with their convenient, sachet-format, all-natural, and delicious flavour shots. It is their mission to create tasty and easy-to-use products with the potential to transform unspectacular base foods into delicious dishes - using only the best real ingredients. Their little packets of deliciousness are super versatile and convenient, low in calories and refined-sugar free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly, and packed with vitamins, minerals, and most of all flavour. 

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Launched in 2020, The Good Mood Co is dedicated to improving health through technology, focusing on digitalising nutraceuticals and finding natural, eco-friendly solutions to common everyday problems. Supported by UCL Innovation and Enterprise, the team works closely with the UK’s leading research facilities and medical professionals - including neurologists, nutritionists, and sleepologists - to bring the power of nature to everyone.

They designed and developed the UK’s very first complete recovery pack for city dwellers, party animals and gamers, featuring 36 active, natural plant extracts. The pack forms a more targeted solution to burnout than standard store-bought multivitamins. Taking a ‘mood, memory, focus’ approach to wellness, The Good Mood Co aims to help those living in busy, built up urban areas to reduce - and even eradicate - feelings of being ‘drained’ through boosting sleep, gut health, and cognitive function; the key elements of physical and mental recovery.

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