Let’s Talk Skin

Cold winter months bring with them a wide array of health issues, many of which we are well-equipped to ward off: we know, for instance, that we should support our immune system with sufficient sleep and a balanced diet, supplement with vitamins as needed, and load up on fresh air and daylight to support our mental and emotional wellbeing. Many of us, however, might neglect our skin during the colder months.

Our tips (apart from the obvious moisturizer):

🐟Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, found in foods such as fish oil and flaxseed oil, can help improve dry skin from within. Studies also suggest that collagen peptides can help – check out Cosmic Molecule!

🚰Sufficient water intake (around 2 litres per day) is as crucial for your skin’s health as it is for your overall health. If plain water doesn’t cut it for you, why not try infusing your water with some extra benefits, like JIN JIN’s Enzyme Cordial

🛁Machine wash your face mask after every use, using a fragrance-free detergent and avoiding fabric softeners. Try to use cotton or silk masks rather than non-breathable polyester masks.

🔥A warm bath or shower might seem like just the answer to dry skin, but very hot water actually strips your skin of important oils, leading to dehydration rather than hydration. Instead, opt for moderately warm water when you shower and when you wash your face/hands.

💦Humidifiers bring moisture into rooms that are dry from central heating. The mist from humidifiers not only keeps your skin hydrated, it also helps against cold and flu symptoms by lubricating your nasal passages and clearing up congestion.




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