Jin Jin


Founded 2019, JIN JIN is the brainchild of founder Sohn Supradya Aursudkij. The idea evolved after she discovered this miraculous fermented superdrink, which has greatly benefited both herself and her partner who suffered physically and emotionally from a busy way of life.


JIN JIN is a brand new category of drinks, ‘Natural Enzyme Cordial’ which helps people maintain good gut health. Drink simply mix with spring or sparkling water: a delicious alternative to any artificial and sugary beverage.


Sohn, Founder says:

“We live in a fast-paced world, which sometimes makes us overlook our physical and emotional wellbeing. It has become my mission to share JIN JIN with everyone I can. I truly believe that good wellbeing creates positive energy and makes us feel at our best, and when we are at our best we can achieve anything. I want JIN JIN to be part of peoples’ journey towards better health and can’t wait for people to discover it.”


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